This event has been POSTONED for now,

we are doing this to protect

 the health and safety of all our member.

We will look to establish a future date.

End of Year BANQUET annual meeting Saturday March 14

Everyone Welcome to reminisce about past season and give input for next years Race season. this is a very casual Event.
Come see some pictures or get help to build a car for next year or join up with others to be involved in this Family friendly IIRA Group.
You can come to eat or just hang out with everyone.
4:00 PM will be the Annual Meeting
5:00 Happy Hour
6:00 Buffet Dinner and socializing
Pay at the event.
The Crooked Pint Ale House
1734 Adolphus Street
Maplewood, MN 55117
Lower Level

Please RSVP if interested

Everyone Is Welcome to come out to the RaceTrack,  
 Volunteer or just sit trackside in your car and watch. Remember pits are open to everyone, Go see the cars and meet the drivers 
No charge to come out and watch


IIRA is a group for sports car enthusiasts who like speed, wheel-to-wheel competition and the ultimate drifting experience. IIRA provides low cost seat time for drivers in a wheel-to-wheel environment on road courses in built sports cars for both a rubber-to-ice and studded tire configuration.

2020 Calendar is available, click Race Calendar on tab above.

WE DO WANT INPUT/FEED BACK from our members, good or bad.
To make this organization better and to keep it alive, we need to hear from you.

We also want and encourage you to get involved with IIRA and our races, at what ever level you are comfortable, doesn't have to be a big commitment.

Suggested ways to help.....
RACING DAYS,....corner worker, track Prep, help in Pits, track Maintenance, registration, help new drivers, teach/Mentor drivers, tell old stories, take pictures and video

BEFORE RACES,.... Board Member, event planning, track layout, board meetings, promotions, equipment repair, help new drivers, race car repair and build, Website design and maintenance. find and or mentor new drives and teams. Promote/set up new race locations.

Maybe you have ways to help not listed, get involved. You can also give feedback thru email or give me 507-420-8777 or someone else a call, or post it on our website.

I feel very fortunate and am very grateful to be a part of the IIRA. I have met some wonderful people, and a few odd ones, as being a part of this group, and learned so much about cars, racing and myself. It is a great family group that cares about getting people out there racing, being safe and having fun. I have had the opportunity to be able to have my two daughters racing with me, as well as having my wife come along to races. many other teams have also have made these weekends family events. WE are always looking for pictures and video of past racing events

Look forward to seeing you THIS year on the ice.

Brad Johnson,.... Rules Chair  507-420-8777


The IIRA is a group of Sports Car enthusiasts who enjoy high speeds and wheel to wheel competition. It offers a low cost seat time for drivers who want to drive wheel-to-wheel on a road course!

Ice racing with the IIRA is an amazing opportunity to complete or to start your year of racing! The challenge of door to door racing, road course style race tracks, and speeds in excess of 100 MPH!

AWD/2WD classes to encompass all vehicles from stock cars with a basic roll cage and Spec Stud Tires to a fully built AWD Race car with forced induction and standalone engine management.


2020 IIRA Board Members

- Pete Weber
Vice President
- Rick Mankowski

- Tim Stone
- Ian Forte
Rules Chair - Brad Johnson


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Official IIRA " Cracked Ice" Movie Traler

International Ice Racing -- IIRA--


So what is Open Track Racing

Open Track Racing is the newest addition to the IIRA, allowing STOCK "Regular" street cars to come out and drive on the same road course style race track as the Spec Stud cars race on, but you will be driving at alternating times in between the regular studded/Caged races ! 

It is a class that allows stock "Regular" cars with or without a roll cages to come out and drive out on the continuas road course . NO ROLL CAGE OR STUDDED TIRE REQUIRE....NOT REQUIRED
Helmet and seat belts are required....

You are allowed to have studded or winter tire also, they would help the with the fun factor BUT ARE NOT required

Open Track series will be in between our Studded/Caged race class usually every other half hour when the studded/Roll caged cars are not racing on the track. Call if you -have questions 507-420-8777 or message us.