International Ice Racing Association

IIRA is a group for sports car enthusiasts who like speed, wheel-to-wheel competition and the ultimate drifting experience. IIRA provides low cost seat time for drivers in a wheel-to-wheel environment on road courses in built sports cars for both a rubber-to-ice and studded tire configuration.


Spec Stud Classes

The IIRA is a group of Sports Car enthusiasts who enjoy high speeds and wheel to wheel competition. It offers a low cost seat time for drivers who want to drive wheel-to-wheel on a road course!

Ice racing with the IIRA is an amazing opportunity to complete or to start your year of racing! The challenge of door to door racing, road course style race tracks, and speeds in excess of 100 MPH!

AWD/2WD classes to encompass all vehicles from stock cars with a basic roll cage and Spec Stud Tires to a fully built AWD Race car with forced induction and standalone engine management.

High Performance Ice Driving Series


The High Performance Ice Driving Series (HPIDS) is the newest addition to the IIRA, allowing stock cars to come out and race on the same road course style race track as the Spec Stud race cars!

The HPIDS consists of two classes, 2WS (2WD Stock) and 4WS (4WD Stock). The race series will consist of time attack style and wheel-to-wheel races.   

It is a class that allows stock cars with or without a roll cages to come out and race against the clock and other cars.

2016 IIRA Board Members

President - Dick Nordby
Vice President - Pete Weber
Secretary -Tim Stone
Treasurer -
Mary Utecht
Rules Chair - Brad Johnson and Cody        Reinhofer


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