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Looking to buy good 13" Menards tires. 651-261-5733. Thanks, Paul

 One day Event

HPID Experience High Performance Ice Driving Series day.   The High Performance Ice Driving Series (HPIDS) is the newest addition to the IIRA,  

WE are on For this weekends race.  Permit is in hand on Friday.3-2-18.........WE ARE OFFERING A SPECIAL RACE PRICE March 3-4 weekend TO THE FIRST 10 NEW CARS ...... zero cost for track fee on this last event For the FIRST 10 NEW  TIME ATTACK vehicle that have not been out on track this year. This is to help bring new cars and people out to the track. Also half price to any studded door to door race vehicles that have not been out to race this year.

WE also had big group of cars come out for Time Attack session on same race course in between studded door to door races. We still have one more week left of racing March 3rd and 4th. 

So Come on out to Watch, Race, or drive your car in the Time Attack sessions...............

Give me a call if you have any questions

Thanks Brad Johnson  507-420-8777

2018 IIRA Board Members

President - Mark Utecht
Vice President - Pete Weber
Secretary -Tim Stone
Treasurer - Mary Utecht
Rules Chair - Brad Johnson 


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 Lake Altoona Wisconsin   One day only event

                                   County Park access,
                                     604 Beach Road, Altoona Wisconsin  54720

  Flickabirds resort is also having a vintage snowmobile race on the 6th. Flickabirds will be having it’s lunch tent out for the snowmobile races. That resource can be used for volunteer and racers lunches. 

So people ask what is Time Attack Racing

Time Attack Racing is the newest addition to the IIRA, allowing STOCK "Regular" street cars to come out and race on the same road course style race track as the Spec Stud cars race on, but you will driving at alternating times in between the regular races !

It is a class that allows stock "Regular" cars with or without a roll cages to come out and race against the clock. NO ROLL CAGE OR STUDDED TIRE REQUIRE....NOT REQUIRED
Helmet and seat belts are required....

You are allowed to have studded or winter tire also, they would help the with the fun factor BUT ARE NOT required

Time Attack consists of two classes, 2WS (2WD Stock) and 4WS (4WD Stock). The race series will consist of time attack style when Studded race class is not on the track. Call if you -have questions 507-420-8777 or message us.