Lake Mille Lacs, Garrison, Minnesota

Madison Lake, Mankato, Minnesota


Lake Washington, Mankato, Minnesota

Driving Blind

2016 IIRA Board Members

President - Mark Utecht
Vice President - Pete Weber
Secretary -Tim Stone
Treasurer - Mary Utecht
Rules Chair - Brad Johnson and Cody        Reinhofer


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IIRA Event january 27th 2013

Rush Lake RZR XP1K Ice Racing

Fast, short with Passing clip Madison Lake 2/2/14

Chase Pete1 Isanti 2/20/14

GOPR0199 trimmed 2/12/15 chase Subaru

Outside 211 trim Rush Lake 2/28/15

Roof 15009

good race then stuck 2/28/15 Rush Lake

Morgan Interview Brad pulls up

IIRA Ice Race in Mankato, MN on Lake Washington

South Lindstrom Lake Ice Track, Lindstrom, Minnesota IIRA Racing Action BY Randy Lewis

Thunder Bay Ice Racing Feb 2014

Ice Racing (IIRA) at Flickabirds Resort in Rush City, MN - DJI Phantom w/Zenmuse Gimbal