For Immediate Release:

The International Ice Racing Association is pleased to introduce a new, easy, way to enjoy our top notch tracks: IceCross. IIRA, well known for our wheel-to-wheel racing series, and beginner open track time programs; IIRA will now host IceCross. IceCross is an exciting and easy way to get out on the lake and race your car! The IceCross program will look and function much like a traditional autocross, but will take place on the IIRA’s ice race track. Cars will be sent one at a time, to lay down a time, and the fastest time in each class will win. Classes will allow almost any car to compete, with both studded and regular winter tire classes, split by drive configuration. This form of competition does not require a cage, or a racing suit, your car just needs to pass a basic safety inspection, have a good 2010+ SNELL rated helmet, and you are good to go on the ice!

2023 Schedule:

January 22nd - Lake TBA

February 12th - Lake TBA

February 26th - Lake TBA

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IceCross Day Schedule

9AM: Registration and Tech

9:45PM: Drivers meeting, paced lap

10AM: First car off

11:30AM: Switch heats

1PM: Lunch break/Plowing if needed

1:30: First run group second heat

3:00PM: Second run group second heat

4:30PM: Event complete, take down/pack up

Ice Cross Rules

Click on Link below to open as Word Document

IIRA Autocross Series Rules.docx