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2022 Tire recommendations IIRA

We have used the Menard Studded tires for many years. But they stopped manufacturing them some year ago.

But there may be some new and used tire out there to buy, if you do some searching.

So we have not decided on a new specific manufacturer at this time, So that means we are going to run the 2022 season as an OPEN tire design year, you can buy them or make your own. (But stud on crown of tire only, no studs allowed on side walls.)

All tires will be inspected by our Equipment inspector at time of Tech inspections, and is up to the IIRA officials as to if a tire stud design is to aggressive or will be a danger to other drivers. But most importantly will it chew up the ice track too quickly to do excess damage to the track.

You can submit pictures and info ahead of time for any new style or design for prior review, or give us a call at 507-420-8777

Click on Link below for tire rules, 2022 rules are still current

2022 IIRA tire rules.docx LINK TO CLICK

Possible Tire options:

Winterforce Tires- Available thru places like TireRack.com and have them install studs for you.

TireRack.com LInk

Black Rocket tires-

Black Rocket link

Have them install studs

Towel City tires, get hard rubber compound version of the Mini stock tires and then you manually screw in the #8 x 3/4" hex head sheet metal screws for ice grip


Racing Tire info site


Search for new and used tires out there., Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist. etc.

Manufactured Ice racing tires,

Menards are still good to use. (Menards tires pictured below) we have raced the Menards tires for many, many, years

**** (Menard Tires are no longer being manufactured, but they are still around for sale, don’t be afraid of buying used ones. Great way to get stated in racing) ****

Menard Tires

Black Rocket tires, the short stud length Black Rocket ice tires, these tires are still being Manufactored

(Stud length can only be 1/4 inch sticking out or tire.)


……. Here are some sample pictures of Hand home-built ice Racing tires some of our teams are running this year. (Careful, to many screws and screw head can't get thru the snow dust on the track to make contact with the ice to get good grip) TIP: the harder the tire compounds the better the screws will stay in, but make sure you have deep enough tread so screws do not go all the way through the rubber tread

Using the approved #8 X ¾” sheet metal screws going from outside into the tire tread. Screw in studs can be used, NO THROUGH THE TIRE STUDS ARE ALLOWED


But remember, screws help grip on the clean clear ice, but too many screws into the tire and you will lose grip in the snow dust/fluff which as races go on covers more and more of the track. So, you need to balance out number of screws with open spaces to help clean out the snow in the groves of the tires. Reference Menards tires build from generations of design engineering

……. Also Below, some pictures of the Manufactured Ice racing tires, Menards (These tires are no longer manufactured but there are still some out there to buy new or used) and Black Rocket brands (Still being manufactured)

……. Last Below, are some samples pictures of manufactured tires with screws added as they wear out, but still great racing tires

For More info click on files tab at top of our page and then tire rules or racing rules document. or call our hot line for help 507-420-8777




Homebuilt this would be too many studs in tire

We need to limit our stud size and length in order to preserve the ice on our tracks to make it thru both days of a race weekend and to be able to use the same track week after week through the race season. Too much studding and ice is chewed up to quickly, over 60 years of track experience has shown our tire rule work.

Menards Tires

Menards Tires



Menards with Screws added

Menards with Screws added

Menards with Screws added