General Description

IceCross is an autocross style event held on Sundays. All well maintained cars are welcome. Drivers will race on a track by themselves against the clock to compete for the best time in their class. This event will be held on a modified version of the same track we do wheel to wheel racing on. We have 6 classes broken down by two drive types and three tire choices. We have rubber tire class for people to easily arrive and drive. Then we have a 7mm stud and a bolt tire class. These classes are available for people who want more grip and more speed (See rules for studded tire requirements). Two driver cars are welcomed and easily accommodated. Passengers are also allowed as well (they'll need to sign the waiver and wear a legal helmet). 

Classes: AWD/4wd, 2wd

Tires: Rubber, 7mm studded, bolted

Full IceCross Rules here: 2024 IceCross Rules