Wheel to Wheel

2024 rules coming soon. No major changes anticipated.

2023 Wheel to Wheel Racing Rules

2023 Tire Rules

2023 Light Rule

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Open Track

2024 Open Track Rules coming soon

Tech Sheet


2024 IceCross Rules

Changes from 2023 are in red text

Driver Entry Rules

Each driver needs to purchase an IIRA drivers license and have wrist band to show proof as they enter onto the track each time.  License is one time, good for the whole season.  Each car needs to purchase daily registration for each event, but multiple people can drive that same car each day as long as they have an IIRA license.

Passengers are allowed in most events. However, IIRA reserves the right to restrict passengers for certain drivers or sessions for any reason. There is a maximum of 1 passenger per vehicle and everyone in the vehicle must be wearing an approved helmet.