Tire Info

Studded Tire Info

We have rules written with the goal of promoting the maximum amount of fun while maintaining the surface of the ice. Constant pressure from studs that are too aggressive causes ruts to form and wears the ice thinner. The rules written have proven to work to maintain favorable ice conditions throughout the weekend without the need to re-plow a new track.

There are good options to buy competitive tires or build your own.

Note: It is highly encouraged to seal the tires without the use of liquid sealant. Only bio-degradable sealant may be used. It's best to be used as a backup plan only.

Purchased Studded Tires

Pre-studded tires can be purchased and used as long as they meet the tire rules. 

Currently, one of the best options on sale today is the Alpha Ice-Cross tires. They can be purchased from two US-based distributors:

It's best to purchase tires far in advance since they are not always in stock.

Other purchased tire options include:

If you are looking at another tire not listed above, please check with us prior to arrival to get a ruling on whether the tire will be allowed

Note: Pirelli studded winter rally tires are not allowed. They were tested with our group and determined to produce too much damage to the ice.

Home Built Studded Tires

Building your own studded tires is a great option if you are not able to find a pre-studded tire size that works for your car or cannot get them in time.

See tire rules for limits to building your own tires. There are different rules for different classes of home built tires.

Tips for building your own tires: