Open Track

General Description

Open Track is simply track time dedicated to introducing new people to ice driving, practicing, and just having fun. The goal is to have fun on the race course in a non-competitive environment with a focus on learning and having fun. Most daily driver type cars are eligible. Minimum requirements include working running lights, windshield wipers, and a helmet. See the rules page for a complete list of requirements. You may choose run with or without studded tires.

Passing: With multiple cars on course, cars will be circulating around the track at a variety of speeds. Cars may pass each other but passing is by contract only! That means the leading car must "point-by" the car wishing to pass by either signalling which side they want them to pass with their pointer finger or using the turn signal to indicate the side they wish to be passed on. It is up to the lead car to decide where on track they are comfortable being passed and it is up to the passing car to plan and execute a safe pass. Remember, this session is not a race and our timers are not running.