Wheel to Wheel Racing

General Description

In wheel to wheel ice racing, drivers race against each other for multiple laps. Race length(s) will be up to the race director. Races can last from 15 minute sprints to multiple hour mini-enduros in some cases. Most races tend to be shorter in length which gives the opportunity for more races and allows for multiple drivers to share a car.

In these events, cars require a little more safety preparations. Cars are required to have a welded in 6-point roll cage, as well as maintaining working running lights and windshield wipers. See the rules document for complete list of requirements. Tires for all cars must meet the IIRA tire rules (7mm max stud height)

Contact and collisions between cars is prohibited. It does occasionally happen in racing but each incident will be reviewed. Egregious or excessive number of incidents may result in a series suspension or ban.


2023 Wheel to Wheel Racing Rules Link

2023 Tire Rules Link

2023 Light Rule Link

2024 updated rules coming soon. No major changes anticipated.

Flagtronics Timing and in-car Flagging System

In wheel to wheel racing, the IIRA requires the use of an in-car GPS and flagging unit from Flagtronics. IIRA uses this for both timing and scoring and an in-car flag indicator. Each car needs an FT-200 unit available here: flagtronics.com/apps/bundles/bundle/128683 Please select the CAN bus option when ordering. (We are not using this option now but may require it in the future).

If you already have an FT-200 unit for use in another series, it will work with us! Have your serial number ready and mount your USB cable in an accessible spot in case we need to do a firmware update at the track.

Light Rule

In Wheel-to-Wheel racing cars can follow each other closely and kick up a lot of 'snow dust'. A rear-facing blue or amber bright light is required on all wheel-to-wheel cars to help see where the car in front is.